• Publication date: July 23, 2012

The Book of Murder

A widow suspects that one of her husband's ex wives is responsible for his murder.

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1974

MBC 2:

August 31, 2012 02:30 (KSA) ~ August 31, 2012 01:30 (CLT)

A happily married woman is shocked when her husband is senselessly murdered.  To make matters worse, she learns that he has been married three times before, and that each of his former wives has a motivefor the killing.

The widow invites each divorcee to her home as a supposed courtesy, while secretly probing for information that could identify the victim's killer.  Are the deceased man's ex wives to blame, or is something more sinister lurking beneath the surface?


  • Pamela Bellwood
  • Louise Latham
  • Nan Martin   
  • Barry Primus
  • Joyce Van Patten   
  • Fritz Weave

Directed by: Lloyd Richards

Rating: Unrated