• Publication date: May 10, 2009

The Big Lebowski

Following a case of mistaken identity, “Dude” Lebowski’s carpet is ruined and with help of his friends he’s out seeking restitution.

  • Publication date: May 10, 2009

The Big Lebowski

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 1998

MBC 2:

April 24, 2014 03:00 (KSA) ~ April 24, 2014 02:00 (CLT)

The definition of a cult movie is “The Big Lebowski”. A one of a kind movie experience, with a fan base following that keep on growing, with festivals and convention under the banner Lebowski.

Jeff Bridges is “The big Lebowski”, in his most defining role. Dude lebowsky, is mistaken for a Millionaire Lebowski, and following an unpleasant visit by some thugs who are after the Other Lebowski, his rug is ruined. Now the Dude, is seeking restitution. Going on a wild and surreal ride, followed by a group of zany and colorful characters. Meeting even, weirder characters along the way, if that is even possible.

To reveal more details, is to risk ruining the experience. Just sit, give in to the charm of this larger than life character that only lives in films, and our wildest dreams. More an experience to be lived, than a movie, be “The big Lebowski” and surrender to the flow


  • Jeff Bridges as Jeffrey Lebowski-The Dude
  • John Goodman as Walter Sobchak
  • Julianne Moore as Maude Lebowski
  • Steven Buscemi as Theodor Donald ‘Donny’ Kerabatsos
  • David Huddleston as Jeffrey Lebowski-The Millionaire
  • Philip Seymour Hoffman as Brandt
  • Tara Reid as Bunny Lebowski
  • Philip Moon as Woo, Treehorn Thug
  • Mark Pellegrino as Blond Treehorn Thug

Directed by: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Rating: R