• Publication date: May 14, 2012

The American Poop Movie

A college socialite returns to his hometown with little fanfare and slim prospects.

Russ Turner (Ross Kidder) was his college's premiere party animal and a campus star, famous for his tasteless local television program.  It's his senior year however, and Turner must decide what the future holds for him.  He dreams of producing a nationally syndicated reality TV show, but instead must return to his childhood stomping ground, where his college degree proves useless and he labors as a janitor.


At home Russ reconnects with his neighborhood cronies and embarks upon numerous disgusting adventures.  In parallel, he attempts to resurrect a relationship with his high school girlfriend, Tara Cartier (Amelia Morck).



  • Ross Kidder
  • Amelia Morck
  • Randy Tobin
  • Jonathan Cahill
  • Jason Sarayba
  • Elizabeth Wright Shapiro