• Publication date: January 12, 2010

The Affair The Affair

Travis Holloway is an African-American solider stationed in Britain in “The Affair,” which ...

Travis Holloway is an African-American solider stationed in Britain in “The Affair,” which is a joint venture between cable heavyweight HBO and the England’s esteemed BBC. In the midst of World War II, Travis joined his fellow black soldiers on a journey to Europe, where many would engage in battle, while some – like the film’s leading character– would be assigned to less exciting duties. In Travis’ case this meant preparing meals for other soldiers, both white and black. While the people of Britain gave African-American soldiers a generally warm welcome, their white, American comrades treated them as subhuman – just like back home. Despite this discrimination, Travis yearned to join the frontlines in the battle against Germany, rather than endure the dullness of kitchen duties. Initially all was not bad for the soldier and when he first arrives he meets Maggie Leyland, a friendly white Brit whose husband is away at sea. Despite the taboo of interracial relationships, Maggie and Travis are both lonely, and their attachment strengthens given her husband’s recently discovered infidelity. What starts off as friendship transforms into a romance and subsequently an adulterous relationship. Nevertheless audiences can remain partially sympathetic: Maggie is after all the victim of a cheating husband, lonely and in the presence of a handsome man with a similar predicament. Hear no evil see no evil, right? Unfortunately the situation becomes more complicated when Edward, Maggie’s husband, unexpectedly returns home from duty and finds the two in bed. Convinced that Travis must be raping his wife, Travis is arrested and put on trial. From this point forward Maggie must make a moral decision: admit the sex was consensual and that she committed adultery, or claim rape and send an innocent man to prison – or quite possibly death. “The Affair” is based on a true story, and also features Ned Beatty (of Superman.) It is rated R for strong sexuality, harsh language and drug use.