• Publication date: April 7, 2012


A hospital promotes a supposedly infallible cancer cure, though two doctors are skeptical.

Dr. Sean O'Grady (Doug Savant) and Janet Reardon (NiaPeeples) are a doctor and nurse respectively at the Forbes Medical Center, whose researchers have supposedly developed a remarkable cancer cure.  Older patients who received the treatment have all miraculously recovered, though when Reardon administers it to a young girl, it has no effect at all.


O'Grady and Reardon speculate that the hospital is actually infecting older, wealthy patients with a curable form of cancer and then treating them to generate revenue and prevent Forbes' looming bankruptcy.  Sean and Janet will need more than a gut feeling to prove foul play, however.



  • Doug Savant
  • NiaPeeples
  • Michael Ironside
  • Roy Thinnes
  • Jenny O'Hara