• Publication date: June 23, 2010


A schizophrenic battles his illness amidst recollections of a traumatic childhood event.

  • Publication date: June 23, 2010


Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2002

MBC 2:

June 30, 2012 01:00 (KSA) ~ June 30, 2012 00:00 (CLT)

As a young boy Dennis 'Spider' Cleg (Bradley Hall)watched his mother's death in horror.  The killer was none other than Spider's own father, alongside his mistress.His adolescence and early adulthood were spent in a mental institution, where Cleg was treated for schizophrenia. 

When doctors deemed Spider (portrayed by Ralph Fiennes as an adult) fit for release, he was sent to a halfway house administered by Mrs. Wilkinson (Lynn Redgrave).  Unfortunately, Wilkinson paid little attention to Spider, who eventually suspended his medication and retreated back into his delusional and paranoid world.  The result of his decision would prove to be chilling.


  • Ralph Fiennes
  • Miranda Richardson
  • Gabriel Byrne

Directed by: David Cronenberg

Rating: Rated R for sexuality, brief violence and language.