• Publication date: January 23, 2011

Sliding Doors Sliding Doors

A beautiful young English woman learns that she has been fired from her ...

A beautiful young English woman learns that she has been fired from her PR job. On the way home, the doors of a tube car close on her, opening the "what if" floodgates. She begins to live out two lives: if she had made the train, and if she hadn't. In the timeline in which she makes the train, she meets James on the underground and they strike up a conversation. She gets home in time to catch her boyfriend Gerry in bed with his ex-girlfriend Lydia; she dumps him and moves in with her friend Anna. James continues to serendipitously pop into Helen's life, cheering her up and encouraging her to start her own public relations firm. She and James fall in love despite Helen's reservations about beginning another relationship so soon after her ugly breakup with Gerry. In the timeline in which she misses the train, she then hails a taxi instead but a man tries to snatch her handbag. Helen hits her head in the scuffle and goes to hospital. She arrives home late, giving Lydia time to leave. Helen carries on with her life oblivious of Gerry's infidelity, and works part-time jobs to pay bills. Gerry conceals his infidelity and juggles the two women in his life; Lydia even interacts with Helen on several occasions. Helen has a number of conflicts with Gerry, then discovers she's pregnant with his baby, but delays telling him. The story continues like this showing how fate and destiny can be changed in the blink of an eye. This movie is rated R for some sexuality and language.