• Publication date: September 27, 2009

Slap Her... She's French

A French foreign-exchange student comes to a small Texas high school, befriends a classmate, and practically takes over her life.

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Duration: 110

Production Year: 2002

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March 13, 2012 16:45 (KSA) ~ March 13, 2012 15:45 (CLT)

Genevieve moves to America and lives with the school's popular head cheerleader, Starla, and her parents.

But Starla soon learns that this French girl is quite conniving after she begins to take over Starla's life, starting with stealing the affections her parents, her friends and Starla's boyfriend.

When Starla is forced to quit the cheerleading squad after getting bad grades, Genevieve moves in to take her place.

But Starla figures out that Genevieve deliberately set her up and begins an all-out personal war to take back her life.

Rating: PG-13


  • Piper Perabo
  • Alexandra Adi
  • Nicki Lynn Aycox
  • Trent Ford
  • Jane Mc