• Publication date: April 28, 2010


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An ogre with low self-esteem attempts to win the girl of his dreams.

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2001

MBC Max:

April 22, 2017 20:00 (KSA) ~ April 22, 2017 19:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Shrek is an ogre, embarrassed by his odd looks and determined to isolate himself from society. 

He does so in his personal swamp -- at least until it is invaded by cartoon characters like the Three Bears, the Big Bad Wolf, and Pinocchio.

He discovers that Lord Farquaad has expelled the characters from his kingdom of Duloc, and refuses to invite them back unless Shrek slays adragon for him. 

Shrek agrees, and prepares for battle; along the way he is unexpectedly smitten by Princess Fiona, the woman Farquaad intends to wed.


  • Mike Myers
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Cameron Diaz
  • John Lithgow

Directed by: Andrew Adamson and Vicky JensonRating: PG for mild language and some crude humor