• Publication date: April 5, 2011

Scary Movie 3 Scary Movie 3

If you haven’t seen the films “The Ring,” “Signs” or “Matrix Reloaded” you ...

If you haven’t seen the films “The Ring,” “Signs” or “Matrix Reloaded” you are more than likely to find yourself lost in the comic language of “Scary Movie 3.” This third installment sees genre pioneer, David Zucker, who bore the very first spoof with “Airplane” more than two decades ago, taking the reigns from franchise creators, Damon and Marlon Wayans. The lampooning begins with a signature parody death scene of two friends played by Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy after they watch a mysterious tape. We’re then transported to a farm outside of Washington D.C. where Tom (Charlie Sheen) and his brother George Logan (Simon Rex) are stumped over dogs smoking water pipes and the huge circle imprint in their crop. But when the camera zooms out we see the full message of the crop circle: “ATTACK HERE.” Meanwhile, Cindy Campbell (Ana Farris) is determined to find some real news in the midst of the sexually infused content that her network currently airs. In her search, she stumbles upon several globally threatening stories, her nephew Cody is having bizarre visions and her friend Brenda battles the dingy girl in rags while watching the mysterious tape. There are several cameo appearances which provide short bursts of comic relief outside the film’s parody on previous films. Simon Cowell makes an appearance, as himself, judging a rap battle which in turn makes fun of the film “8 Mile.” Leslie Nielsen is the paranoid president of the United States who mistakes disabled people with aliens. George Carlin and Queen Latifah play The Architect and the Oracle. The film remained in the number 1 position for two weeks in a row when it was released in 2003 and earned over $200 million worldwide. This movie is rated PG-13 for pervasive crude and sexual humor, language, comic violence and drug reference.