• Publication date: February 19, 2011

Purple Violets Purple Violets

Pals Brian (Patrick Wilson) and Michael (Edward Burns) have shed their party hearty ...

Pals Brian (Patrick Wilson) and Michael (Edward Burns) have shed their party hearty college pasts and transformed into a successful author and lawyer respectively. Brian's series of detective novels have brought him fame and fortune, while Michael is a high-powered attorney and former alcoholic celebrating two years of sobriety. The two friends' lives are interrupted though when former university flings Patti (Selma Blair) and Kate (Debra Messing) reappear, 12 years after parting ways. Although both relationships ended coldly, and both parties are initially uneasy, an undeniable romance still lurks in the air. A decade later, Patti has abandoned her dreams of literary stardom, settling instead for a dependable career in real estate. She is unhappily wedded to Chazz (Donal Logue), a pompous British chef seemingly devoid of any positive attributes. Although unmarried, Brian is also in an unsatisfying relationship. Both individuals attempt to fight, and then eventually accept their destiny together. In parallel Michael begs for Kate's forgiveness, apologizing profusely for seemingly minor past offenses. She too harbors feelings for her ex, but is the no nonsense schoolteacher willing to give Michael a second chance? Can love strike twice in the same place? Rating: Not Rated