• Publication date: December 7, 2011

Four Teens Prepare for a 'Killer' Evening Prom Night: Save the Last Dance for Death



A psychopathic ex high school teacher has escaped from prison and targets his former students on prom night, but seeks one girl in particular.

  • Publication date: December 7, 2011

Four Teens Prepare for a 'Killer' Evening Prom Night: Save the Last Dance for Death

Three years prior, Donna Keppel (Brittany Snow) witnessed the brutal killing of her mother and father from underneath a bed, terrified that the murderer would slay her next.  The killer was Richard Fenton (Johnathon Schaech), a high school teacher who became obsessed with Donna when she was his student.  Fenton's advances were expectedly rejected, and school officials hastened his dismissal.

Detective Winn (Idris Elba of The Wire notoriety) rescued the teen from Fenton's wrath, and he was eventually sentenced to life without parole.  In the present, Donna lives with her aunt Karen (Jessalyn Gilsig) and uncle Jack (Linden Ashby), haunted by flashbacks of her parents' deaths.  Still she remains optimistic: graduation is in just a few months and college life will soon follow, affording her a fresh start.  Therapy and medication has also helped lessen the trauma's effects.

Fortunately the gruesome incident did not interfere with her social life.  Bobby (Scott Porter) is Donna's loving boyfriend, who will accompany her throughout their school's lavish prom night.  The festivities begin early on in a stretch limo, where they are joined by their four best friends: Lisa (Dana Davis), Claire (Jessica Stroup), Ronnie (Collins Pennie), and Michael (Kelly Blatz).  The teens await an unforgettable night, and the experience will certainly be etched into their minds -- literally.

Richard Fenton has conveniently escaped from prison on prom night, and he's headed to the ritzy hotel that is hosting the event.  Donna and friends have rented a luxury suite, specifically for a night of youthful debauchery.  Fenton has also rented a suite on the ground floor, and he intends to eliminate anyone who obstructs his obsession for Donna.  Meanwhile, Detective Winn and his partner Nash (James Ransone) hunt for the escapee, as he leaves a trail of dead bodies behind him.

Prom Night was a commercial success, garnering $57 million at the box office -- more than double its $20 million budget.  The picture was nominated for an MTV Movie Award and two Teen Choice Awards.  Its soundtrack features the indie rock sounds of Tokio Hotel, Silversun Pickups, Bloc Party, Plain White T's and many more.

Year: 2008

Duration: 88 minutes

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller


Brittany Snow

Scott Porter

Jessica Stroup

Dana Davis

Collins Pennie

Kelly Blatz

Idris Elba

Johnathon Schaech

Director: Nelson McCormick

Rating: Rated PG-13 for violence and terror, some sexual material, underage drinking, and language