• Publication date: June 10, 2010

Prime Prime

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Veteran actress Meryl Streep joins Uma Thurman as two of Hollywood’s most recognizable ...

Veteran actress Meryl Streep joins Uma Thurman as two of Hollywood’s most recognizable females headline “Prime” a romantic comedy exploring the complicated relationship between a therapist, her son and his significantly older girlfriend. The story begins in the office of Lisa Metzger (Streep), a middle-aged Jewish therapist. Her client, Rafi Gardet (Thurman) is a 37-year-old recent divorcee, attempting to pick up the pieces of her failed relationship. After numerous gloomy sessions, Rafi suddenly becomes much more upbeat, revealing that she may have found her new love. While the chemistry between Rafi and her new man is incredible there is one problem: he is 23 and she is 37. Slightly ashamed of such a wide age gap, Rafi lies and tells Dr. Metzger that her current boyfriend is actually 27 and gives him a fictional name. Yet there is something that both women are unaware of: Rafi’s new boy toy is Dr. Metzger’s only son, David (Bryan Greenberg). Ethical concerns arise when Metzger finally realizes that Rafi’s young stallion is actually her son, which is particularly uncomfortable for the doctor, who keenly listens to her patient’s description of sexual acts with David, parts of his anatomy, and his overbearing mother. Still, David’s mom is not convinced that the relationship will blossom into anything more than a fling, and continues to treat Rafi. Eventually, Lisa begins to feel guilty about the situation, and seeks the advice of another friend and fellow psychologist who suggests that her presence might actually be beneficial to the relationship. A boiling point is finally reached and Dr. Metzger’s conscience steps into the picture, forcing her to reveal her true identity. This, naturally, causes quite a rift not only between David and Rafi, but also between David and his mother. Their relationship ends, though not for long. After a session of make-up sex the two are a couple once again. Hardship hits David after he loses his job and must move into Rafi’s apartment. Meanwhile Lisa comes to grips with the relationship and even invites Rafi to dinner, an initially uneasy experience. Religious issues also complicate matters since Dr. Metzger hopes that her son will marry a Jewish woman, while Rafi is a non-practicing Catholic. Despite all of the aforementioned problems, they are not what will truly stress their relationship. David and Rafi must ultimately decide whether love can conqueror all, or if it is only part of a successful relationship. “Prime” earned a respectful $67 million at the box office and received favorable reviews from many critics. The picture is rated PG-13 for sexual content including dialogue and for language.