• Publication date: June 24, 2010

Partner Partner

Replace Will Smith with Salman Khan and you have Partner, Bollywood's take on ...

Replace Will Smith with Salman Khan and you have Partner, Bollywood's take on Hollywood’s smash hit Hitch. This similarity is not coincidental, however, and the film's director David Dhawan has admitted that the American pic inspired his creation. Prem, the only male child amongst a number of female siblings, is a self-professed relationship guru, who uses his insider knowledge of woman to make love connections. His latest client is Bhaskar Divakar Choudhary, a nerdy guy with a serious crush on his upper class boss, Priya Jaisingh. But it seems Prem has little interest in working with Bhaskar and proceeds to Thailand for some carefree fun, a desperate Bhaskar he follows the guru to Thailand and begs him to reconsider, reluctantly Prem obliges, though not before meeting the lovely Naina, who he is determined to win over. Prem does win Naina over and their relationship begins to flourish. Meanwhile he attempts to hook Bhaskar up with Priya, providing his client with a series of personality tips. Thankfully, Bhaskar ignores Prem’s advice, and uses his own charm to woo Priya. Here enters Neil, who demands that Prem help him land a one night stand with Nikki (Aarti Chabria). The Love Guru refuses, making it clear that he is not in the business of forging immoral relationships. Neil angrily departs, hooks up with Nikki anyway, and dumps her the next day – falsely insisting that it was Prem’s idea. Unbeknownst to Prem, Nikki is Naina’s best friend. When Naina catches wind of her boyfriend's chauvinist advice, she immediately dumps him. To make matters worse, Naina publishes an expose on the Love Guru's alleged seedy practices, using Nikki’s account as proof. In this hilarious web of misunderstandings Prem must go to any means to sort things out. Partner was the first Bollywood blockbuster of 2007, earning an impressive $15.5 million worldwide.