• Publication date: June 20, 2010

Partition Partition

After Britain ended its nearly 350-year reign of India in 1947, the country ...

After Britain ended its nearly 350-year reign of India in 1947, the country was separated into two halves: one for Muslims and another for Hindus and Sikhs. Most Muslims migrated to Pakistan, where Islamic values would supposedly shape the country's laws and government; in India, a secular government inspired by Britain was implemented. With both sides receiving a seemingly suitable form of rule, it was assumed that peace would prevail. Unfortunately that was not the case. Disputes regarding the specifics of India and Pakistan's borders continue until today. More pertinent to this story, however, is the violence that immediately followed the partition's creation. Attacks initiated by one side inevitably resulted in retaliation from the other, creating a never-ending cycle of violence and immense bloodshed. A young Muslim girl named Naseem Khan (Kristin Kreuk) was caught in the middle of this battle while accompanying her family to Pakistan, and lost her father in the process. With anti-Muslim attacks running rampant on the Indian side of the partition, she sought refuge in a nearby forest, hoping that soldiers would not find and kill her. It is there that Naseem encountered Gyan Singh (Jimi Mistry), a recently retired Sikh colonial soldier still mourning the death of his best friend and comrade, Andrew (Jesse Moss). Tired of war, Gyan attempts to save Naseem's life, and returns her to his predominantly Sikh village. Neither are given a warm welcome however, as Gyan's neighbors demand to see the Muslim girl, and intend to kill Naseem due to her religion. Gyan sticks firmly to his principles though, risking his life in order to protect Naseem's. As Gyan and Naseem spend more time together they begin to fall in love – a cultural taboo that neither of the two sides can easily accept. Gradually, though, Gyan's family begins to realize that the pair is genuinely in love, and they eventually wed. Soon Naseem gives birth to a baby boy, and the village's inhabitants grow to accept her presence. What appears to be good news arrives one day, when Naseem is informed that her family has been located in Pakistan. She packs her bags and heads off to visit them for a short time, but when multiple months pass without her return, Gyan becomes worried, and makes the dangerous trek to Pakistan to find his wife. Once there he discovers a gruesome scene and a relentless battle for his own freedom, in addition to Naseem's ensues. Rating: Rated R for some violent and disturbing images.