• Publication date: September 19, 2010

Out Of Sight Out Of Sight

Jack Foley (George Clooney) is a professional bank robber eager to break out ...

Jack Foley (George Clooney) is a professional bank robber eager to break out of prison. With the help of his convict pals Buddy (Ving Rhames) and the unreliable Glenn (Steve Zahn) they devise a plan to escape. Their scheme is temporarily interrupted however by Karen Sisco (Jennifer Lopez), a sexy federal marshal who is coincidentally visiting the prison on unrelated business. When Sisco attempts to apprehend the men she is instead disarmed, and thrown into a trunk alongside Foley as he makes a clean getaway. While inside the trunk Sisco and the charming Foley begin forming an unlikely bond, inspired by their mutual love of cinema. Slowly, the sultry marshal realizes that she has fallen in love with her kidnapper, and must ultimately choose between lust or law enforcement. Jack battles his emotions as well, debating the consequences of pursuing a woman who would ordinarily be his staunchest foe. In the midst of this all Foley, Buddy, and Glenn are on their way to the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills in search of Ripley (Albert Brooks), a former prison mate with a stash of stolen diamonds. Together they plan to snatch the jewels for themselves, but not before becoming entangled with a rival group of thugs who have the same intentions. Out of Sight was well received by critics and earned itself two Oscar and MTV Movie Award nominations. Its box office performance was respectable as well, garnering a total of $77 million across the globe. The film’s soundtrack features a number of lush 70s tunes by artists such as jazz pioneer Herbie Hancock and soul legends The Isley Brothers. Rated R for explicit language and some realistic violence.