• Publication date: September 15, 2009

Out Live

Two childhood sweethearts vow to marry one another after they are separated by war.

Jin-ha and Sullie (Hyeon-jun Shin and Hee-seon Kim) are childhood friends in 12th century China.  When Sullie's mother dies, her father relocates to a different city, but both vow never to marry until they meet again.

While Sullie is gone, Jin-ha masters a secret form of martial arts called Bichun.  In that time he learns that Mongols murdered his father, and so he joins a resistance against them.  He does not know, however, that Sullie married a Mongol noble believing that Jin-ha was killed at war.  Can they possibly fulfill their vow? 


  • Shin Hyeon-jun
  • Kim Hee-sun
  • Jin-yeongJeong
  • Jang Dong-jik
  • Choi Yu-jeong