• Publication date: March 16, 2011

Organize Isler Organize Isler

Samet (Tolga Cevik) is a struggling comedian who, by his own admission, lacks ...

Samet (Tolga Cevik) is a struggling comedian who, by his own admission, lacks talent. After a series of failed stand up gigs, Samet hangs a noose from his ceiling, stands on a chair, and attempts to kill himself. At that same moment Asim Noyan (Yilmaz Erdogan), a small time gangster and playboy, has just been caught in bed with a married woman. Her husband is furious and a mob soon gathers to chase Noyan; if captured his death is inevitable. Running frantically through Istanbul's streets, Asim begins pounding on a random man's door, begging to be let inside. That man happens to be Samet, who steps down from the chair to answer the door. The strange visitor rushes inside and then quickly notices a noose hanging from the ceiling. When Noyan realizes that Samet intended to commit suicide he takes the comedian out for dinner instead. In a short period of time the two men, who had just met minutes before, begin to form a close bond. Asim becomes like a younger brother to Samet, and decides to compensate the comic for rescuing him. He also notices that the young man has a genuinely clean heart and is trustworthy; without hesitation Noyan introduces Samet to his circle of gangster friends. The innocent boy is soon knee deep in a world of prostitution, gambling, and thievery. While watching crime from the outside in did not bother Samet a great deal, entering a criminal lifestyle seemed completely implausible. Unfortunately he is gullible and eager to please those around him. So when Asim and his pals ask their new acquaintance to sell a stolen car for them, he is naturally hesitant, but eventually coerced. Lying and stealing is not something Samet is accustomed to however, and when he goes to meet a potential buyer, a young and beautiful girl named Nuran Ocak (Demet Akbag), he fumbles throughout the entire process. In a nervous fit the rookie salesman hands Nuran the keys, gives her the car, and tells her to bring the cash tomorrow. Noyan and his gang are obviously unhappy to hear this news, and threaten to punish him unless either the car or money is delivered to them within 24 hours. Although Samet avoided suicide earlier, he may face an early death after all. The characters' collective naivety throughout the film evokes constant laughter, even in the most dangerous situations.