• Publication date: May 29, 2014

Next of Kin

Two brothers are looking for the killer of their brother. However, each in his own way, while one is a cop, the other is a hillbilly.

When his brother is killed in a grizzly murder, a Chicago cop finds himself torn between his duty to go by the law, and arrest the guy, and the wish of his family for a different kind of justice. Long ago, Truman Gates (Patrick Swayze) left his family home in the mountains, and headed for the big city to become a cop there.

So when the crime happened, his first intuition was to seek legal retribution. However, his older brother Briar (Liam Nesson) wants another kind of justice. He wants revenge, right here and now.

So now Truman must choose his side. Honor the badge or the family tradition.

A gripping actioner, that has so much going on, beside the action and bullets. The core essence of the driving plot is family. The film, is supported by riveting performances by Swayze as the cop, and a towering performance by Liam Neeson as the older revengeful bruteā€¦Grade A, film. 




  • Patrick Swayze as Truman Gates
  • Liam Neeson as Briar Gates
  • Adam Baldwin as Joey Rosselini
  • Helen Hunt as Jessie Gates
  • Bill Paxton as Gerald Gates
  • Ben Stiller as Lawrence Isabella
  • Andreas Katsulas as John Isabella
  • Michael J. Pollard as Harold
  • Ted Levine as Willy Simpson
  • Del Close as Frank
  • Valentino Cimo as Rhino
  • Paul Greco as Leo
  • Vincent Guastaferro as Paulie
  • Paul Herman as Tony Antonelli

Directed by: John Irvin 

Rating: R