• Publication date: March 16, 2011

My Name Is Sarah

A random encounter and instant attraction to handsome stranger, pushes a Sarah to pretend she is a recovering alcoholic. Then what?

  • Publication date: March 16, 2011

My Name Is Sarah

Program data

Duration: 120

MBC 2:

August 2, 2014 13:00 (KSA) ~ August 2, 2014 12:00 (CLT)

A sweet and charming dramatic comedy, revolves around Sarah (Jennifer Beals), the story kicks in gear when she meets a handsome man, that she couldn’t resist the urge to follow him, into a church. Once inside, she realizes that she just stumbled into an AA meeting. Embarrassed to reveal her secret, she pretends to be a recovering alcoholic her self; Hello my name is Sarah and I’m an alcoholic, easy to say. However, now she has to deal with consequences, especially that now she is getting closer to her mystery man, and a romance is burgeoning. Will she now have to courage to say, Hello my name is Sarah, and I’m not an alcoholic, just a liar?

A sweet charming comedy, filled with hilarious situations, laughs and above all a passionate beating heart as the plot driver.



  • Jennifer Beals as Sarah Winston
  • Peter Outerbridge as Charlie Manning
  • Nolan Gerard Funk as Kit
  • Crystal Bublé as Darla
  • Sarah Edmondsn as Olivia
  • Steven Cree Molison as Hank
  • Ken Kramer as Leo
  • Eve Harlow as Lola
  • Rukiya Bernard as Barista
  • Kwesi Ameyaw as Principal
  • Beverley Elliott as Landlady


Directed by: Paul A. Kaufman

Rating: PG