• Publication date: May 1, 2010

My First Wedding My First Wedding

Rachael Leigh Cook plays Vanessa, a nymphomaniac with just three days left before ...

Rachael Leigh Cook plays Vanessa, a nymphomaniac with just three days left before her wedding. Although she has always lusted after many men, the idea of agreeing to remain with just one until death, has increased her usual temptation despite the fact that her fiancée Andre is an intelligent, handsome and faithful man. Is Vanessa truly ready for an everlasting commitment? In an attempt to erase these desires from her mind, Vanessa heads to her nearest church and enters the confessional. Immediately she begins to bare her soul to the booth's occupant, unaware that the individual inside is not a clergyman, but a carpenter. The woodworker, Nick has been hired by the church to fix the confessional, and remains inside as Vanessa enters, entranced by her beauty before even speaking to her. He listens attentively to her dilemma, one that he naturally relates to as a twenty-something guy. Unfortunately Nick's charade fails to end with the session, and continues as he trails Vanessa throughout town. Despite the seemingly strange circumstances, the two quickly spark a friendship. Unable to reveal his true occupation, however, he must sport a cassock throughout the ordeal. This creates occasionally strange scenes, as the man in a stuffy cleric's outfit has the youthful and liberal demeanor of a playboy. Nick must eventually express his love for Vanessa, however, and hopefully win her heart before she ties the knot with Andre. He will also have to fess up to his ongoing lie, and reveal that he works with hammers and nails not bibles and sacraments. This movie is rated PG-13 for sexual content and harsh language.