• Publication date: November 3, 2013

Mutant Chronicles

2707. The fate of the world after its near-destruction is at risk due to ‘the machine’ that was sent from space 10,000 years ago. Unearthed in Europe during an ongoing war, and begins its function of transforming living humans into killing drones that bring the living to the machine…

  • Publication date: November 3, 2013

Mutant Chronicles

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2008

MBC Action:

May 22, 2016 00:30 (KSA) ~ May 21, 2016 23:30 (CLT)

2707. The fate of the world after its near-destruction is at risk due to ‘the machine’ that was sent from space 10,000 years ago. The Machine is unearthed in Europe, after being hidden for eons, during an ongoing war, and begins its function of transforming living humans into killing drones that bring the living to the machine…

Within six weeks of the Machine’s activation the mutants overcome Earth as humans evacuate to Mars for safety. Now the fate of Earth depends on the efforts of a team of soldiers that have one last chance to conquer the machine by placing another ancient device within its core and destroying it…


  • Thomas Jane as Major Mitch Hunter
  • Ron Perlman as Brother Samuel
  • Devon Aoki as Corporal Valerie Chinois Duval
  • John Malkovich as Constantine
  • Sean Pertwee as Captain Nathan Rooker
  • Benno Furmann as Lt. Maximillian Emile von Steiner
  • Anna Walton as Severian
  • Curtis Walker as Bigboy

Directed by: Simon Hunter

Rating:  R for strong bloody violence and language throughout