• Publication date: May 19, 2012

Murder Dot Com

A woman searches for her sister's murderer through an internet dating service.

  • Publication date: May 19, 2012

Murder Dot Com

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2008

MBC 2:

May 30, 2012 03:00 (KSA) ~ May 30, 2012 02:00 (CLT)

Stacy (Alexandra Paul), a successful Miami lawyer, returns to her native Los Angeles following her sister, Kate's (Ellyn Daniels) brutal murder.  Police have no suspect, but when Stacy finds a hard disk hidden inside a teddy bear, it reveals Kate's secret life of wild sex with anonymous men from on-line dating services.

From that point forward Stacy begins an independent investigation, digging through her sister's contacts and meeting each of Kate's former dates.  Stacy hopes to identify the killer, but will she merely become his next victim?


  • Alexandra Paul
  • David Chokachi
  • Robyn Lively
  • David Moretti
  • Bart Johnson           

Directed by: Rex Piano