• Publication date: September 17, 2009

Moscow Zero

A priest ventures beyond hell's gates to locate his friend, an anthropologist.

  • Publication date: September 17, 2009

Moscow Zero

Program data

Duration: 95

Production Year: 2006

MBC 2:

August 6, 2012 01:30 (KSA) ~ August 6, 2012 00:30 (CLT)

Vincent Gallo portrays Father Owen, an American priest whose close friend, an anthropologist named Sergey (RadeSerbedzija), has gone missing following a trip to Russia.  Owen discovers a virtually incomprehensible notebook containing references to elaborate underground catacombs underneath Moscow, which purportedly lead to the gates of hell.


The father travels to Russia where he assembles a team of experts to guide him through the tunnels, and hopefully to Sergey.  Throughout their adventure the crew encounters apparitions of dead children, who are in actuality demons who have escaped from hell.  Will Owen find the anthropologist alive, or merely die trying?



  • Vincent Gallo
  • Val Kilmer
  • Oksana Akinshina
  • Joaquim de Almeida


Directed by: MaríaLidón


Rating: Rated R for language.