• Publication date: May 18, 2009

Michael Clayton

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An attorney seeks to salvage his colleague's reputation and unveil a corporation's deceit.

  • Publication date: May 18, 2009

Michael Clayton

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2007

MBC 2:

November 22, 2012 21:00 (KSA) ~ November 22, 2012 20:00 (CLT)

Attorney Michael Clayton (George Clooney) is known for utilizing his connections to get high profile clients out of a jam.  When one of his firm’s leading attorneys, Arthur Edens (Tom Wilkinson) has a bizarre outburst in court, Michael is called upon to help.

Before discontinuing his meds, Edenswas defending a pharmaceutical corporationnamed U-North.  Acompany employee, Karen Crowder (TildaSwinton) discovers that Arthur was planning to publicizeU-North's knowing distribution of a harmful product.  While Karen schemes to silence him, Michael struggles to piece together the events leading to his colleague's breakdown. 

Michael Clayton won an Oscarand four Golden Globe nominations.  The picture grossed $92 million at the box office, more than triple its $25 million budget.


  • George Clooney
  • Tom Wilkinson
  • TildaSwinton
  • Sydney Pollack