• Publication date: April 30, 2012


Three Americans visit Hungary to investigate the legend of Elizabeth Bathory.

  • Publication date: April 30, 2012


Program data

Duration: 85

Production Year: 2007

MBC 2:

May 5, 2012 02:42 (KSA) ~ May 5, 2012 01:42 (CLT)

Keith (Corey Sevier) is an American academic conducting research on the legend of the Blood Countess, Elizabeth Bathory in Hungary with his two pals, Kim (Jennifer Higham) and J.J. (Charlie Hollway) in tow.


Along the way they encounter a young woman coincidentally named Elizabeth (Irena A. Hoffman) who, like Keith, is fascinated with the countess' legend; she guides the group to a mountaintop monastery where they collectively bump heads with Constantine Thurzo (Christopher Lambert), a two-day-old vampire.  Keith and Elizabeth quickly form a romantic bond amidst a plethora of strange occurrences and frightening events.



  • Christopher Lambert
  • Corey Sevier
  • Irena A. Hoffman