• Publication date: March 23, 2018

Martian Child

A grieving widow and Sci-Fi writer, David, in considering adopting a Hyper-imaginative orphan who claims he is from Mars.

  • Publication date: March 23, 2018

Martian Child

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

March 23, 2018 13:30 (KSA) ~ March 23, 2018 12:30 (CLT)

(mbc.net) John Cusack stars in this touching comedy, as a grieving widow working as a Sci-Fi writer. One day he meets, an unusually imaginative and peculiar boy, who claims he came from Mars. He, Dennis, also spends his day inside a box to shield him from sunrays, and walks with batteries strapped to his belt to protect him from floating up.  Feeling a strong connection with the eccentric boy, who reminds him of his young self, he decides to take him home, for a trial period to see how this will play out. Slowly a very close relation is forming, with David gradually showing Dennis, the ways of being a normal, socially adequate kid. However, the final decision regarding the adoption will have to be decided in court!

This is a tender story, of human longing for connection and affection. A story of two lost souls who might’ve found what was missing—Love.


  • John Cusack as David Gordon
  • Bobby Coleman as Dennis
  • Amanda Peet as Harlee
  • Sophie Okonedo as Sophie
  • Joan Cusack as Liz Gordon
  • Oliver Platt as Jeff
  • Anjelica Huston as Tina
  • Richard Schiff as Lefkowitz
  • Howard Hesseman as Dr. Berg

Directed by: Menno Meyjes

Rating: PG