• Publication date: December 23, 2013

Mama's Boy

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A twenty-nine year-old slacker who lives with his mom realizes his sweet set-up is threatened when she hears wedding bells with her self-help guru beau.

  • Publication date: December 23, 2013

Mama's Boy

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2007

MBC 2:

July 7, 2014 19:30 (KSA) ~ July 7, 2014 18:30 (CLT)

Eccentric Jeffrey Mannus is 29 years old and still lives at home with his mom, Jan.

He sees no reason to alter this arrangement, but his perfect world is upended when Jan meets Mert, a motivational speaker.

Mert successfully woos Jan and moves in on Jeffrey's territory, something Jeffrey will not tolerate.

Jeffrey enlists the aid of an unlikely ally, an aspiring singer-songwriter, Nora, with an anti-establishment penchant and a soft spot for him.

As the war between Mert and Jeffrey escalates, something unprecedented happens -- slowly, to both his own surprise and horror, Jeffrey discovers his inner adult.


  • Diane Keaton
  • Jon Heder
  • Jeff Daniels
  • Anna Faris
  • Sarah Chalke

Directed by:Tim Hamilton

Rating: PG-13 for language including sexual references, and some drug use