• Publication date: September 27, 2012

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Years after losing his wife and child, Max has become a nomad wandering the wastelands of the Australian outback. Oil now being more precious than gold, when Max is taken in by a tribal community who are shacked in an oil refinery- he first decides to make out with their oil, but then when he sees the imminent attack upon them, he teaches them a few tricks in how to fight...

  • Publication date: September 27, 2012

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Program data

Duration: 95

Production Year: 1981

MBC 2:

October 3, 2012 03:05 (KSA) ~ October 3, 2012 02:05 (CLT)

A true testament that sometimes the sequel can even surpass its original, Director George Miller returns 2 years later with Mad Max 2 : The Road Warrior, a high-octane rump through a post-apocalyptic Australian wasteland.

With the deserts of the Australian outback divided into scattered tribes fending off attackers for their livelihoods, Max (Mel Gibson) joins one camp and eventually decides to help defend them against the ruthless and evil Humungus (Kjell Nilsson) who along with his band of crazy marauders, are bent on massacring the camp to get to the oil at the refinery where they live.


  • Mel Gibson
  • Syd Heylen
  • Virginia Hey
  • Kjell Nilsson
  • Emil Minty

Directed by:  George Miller

Rating:  R for violence and language.