• Publication date: August 17, 2010

Love Don't Cost a Thing Love Don't Cost a Thing

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” is a contemporary, urban interpretation of the 1987 ...

“Love Don’t Cost a Thing” is a contemporary, urban interpretation of the 1987 film entitled, “Can’t Buy Me Love,” a tale of an unpopular teenage boy who, with the assistance of a hired token girlfriend, is able to transform himself from a loser into every girl’s dream guy. Nick Cannon plays Alvin Johnson, an unpopular school kid with the wrong hair, body, clothes, and friends who is desperate to become popular. Alvin is young, but highly skilled in building engines, a talent he hopes will land him a General Motors scholarship. In order to win the scholarship, however, he must build an exemplary engine of his own; fortunately, his part time jobs cleaning pools and repairing vehicles generates enough income to purchase the parts he needs. Yet if Alvin is not vigilant his teenage hormones may wreck his otherwise bright future. His father, Clearance, partially fuels the teenager’s insecurity, putting more emphasis on sexual conquest than academic success. Alvin eventually caves in to his father’s pressure when the illustrious Paris Morgan rushes into the body shop where he is employed, seeking expedited service. Earlier, while flaunting her beauty for boys in her mother’s Cadillac Escalade, Paris set her eyes on her admirers rather than the road, crashing into a pole and inflicting approximately $3000 in damage. Alvin informs Paris that he can fix her car for free, but with a catch: she must pretend to be his girlfriend for the next two weeks. Paris reluctantly agrees and Alvin invests the money intended for his engine-building project to buy the necessary parts. While Alvin hustles to repair Paris’ Escalade his leased love interest gives him fashion tips, cutting off his afro and buying him an entirely new wardrobe. His sudden change of appearance alarms his mother Vivian, delights his playboy father, and causes his sister Aretha to believe he is a drug addict. In almost no time, however, his popularity rises far beyond his expectations, and Paris is alongside him each step to provide tips on social etiquette. Yet the teenage boy soon abandons his card-playing group of best friends and aspiring scientists for the cool kids at school, inflicting hurt and insult upon them. Can Alvin sport his cool camouflage indefinitely, or will he eventually be uncovered? Can he earn Paris’ love for real? Will she see through Alvin’s nerdiness and find the good guy underneath? “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” was nominated for both a BET and Teen Choice award. The soundtrack features a star-studded lineup of Hip-Hop and R&B talent such as Busta Rhymes, R. Kelly, Jill Scott, Joe Budden, and more. This film is rated PG-13 for sexual content and humor.