• Publication date: February 25, 2010


Three childhood friends are sentenced to life in prison despite their innocence.

  • Publication date: February 25, 2010


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2000

MBC 2:

June 8, 2012 03:45 (KSA) ~ June 8, 2012 02:45 (CLT)

Avery Montgomery (Richard T. Jones) has returned to his childhood stomping ground after taking a break from college, where he intends to pursue his true love: swimming.  His dreams are cut short however when a local drug runner plants a murder weapon inside a rival's car -- which happens to belong to Cashmere (Gabriel Casseus), Avery's best friend.

Cashmere, Avery, and their pal Dre (De'aundre Bonds) enjoy a night on the town, unaware that a gun has been hidden inside the car.  When police pull the vehicle over and findthe weapon inside all three men are sentenced to life in prison.  The worst is yet to come, however.


  • Richard T. Jones
  • Gabriel Casseus
  • De'aundre Bonds
  • Melissa DeSousa
  • Bill Nunn
  • Clifton Powell

Directed by: John Luessenhop

Rating: Rated R for brutal violence including sexual assaults, a strong scene of sexuality, pervasive language and graphic drug use.