• Publication date: April 30, 2012

Lava Storm

A family unites to protect the world from rivers of hot lava.

  • Publication date: April 30, 2012

Lava Storm

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2008

MBC 2:

May 7, 2012 05:30 (KSA) ~ May 7, 2012 04:30 (CLT)

A small town family faces disaster as its two youngest children, Emma and Ian Wilson (Nicole Maillet and Adrien Dixon) find their best friends dead inside a nearby cave.  They determine that strange gasses are being emitted from the cave's depths, and escape quickly.


On the surface forest fires are blazing across the town as ash falls from the sky.  The children's parents: John (Ian Ziering) and Lori (Valérie Valois) are enduring a heart wrenching divorce, but must put aside their differences to rescue their children, village, and ultimately the world before it's too late.



  • Ian Ziering
  • Valérie Valois
  • VlastaVrana
  • Nicole Maillet
  • Adrien Dixon