• Publication date: March 11, 2012

Kull the Conqueror

A king's ascent and battle against an evil witch.

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 1997

MBC 2:

March 18, 2012 05:00 (KSA) ~ March 18, 2012 04:00 (CLT)

The world was once ruled by an evil witch named Akivasha (Tia Carrere), until she was overthrown by the god Valka and the kingdom of Valusia was formed.  All is well until Valusia's king goes mad one day, and he forfeits the throne to a non-noble: Kull (Kevin Sorbo) of Atlantis.


The king's original heirs begin plotting to overthrow Kul, who is eventually seduced and poisoned by a shapeshiftedAkivasha.  Luckily, Kul survives and joins a member of his harem to defeat the evil witch and regain the throne ofValusia.



  • Kevin Sorbo
  • Tia Carrere
  • Thomas Ian Griffith
  • Litefoot
  • Roy Brocksmith
  • Harvey Fierstein
  • Karina Lombard