• Publication date: February 4, 2015

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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A smalltime crook inadvertently becomes a promising Hollywood star overnight.

  • Publication date: February 4, 2015

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2005

MBC 2:

January 19, 2016 01:30 (KSA) ~ January 19, 2016 00:30 (CLT)

In New York a petty thief named Harry (Robert Downey, Jr.) zigzags through busy traffic and dark alleyways with cops in pursuit.  He ducks into an office suite seeking rest, but instead interrupts a movie audition.  Judges mistake Harry's genuinely erratic behavior for a masterful performance, and choose him immediately.

The following day Harry is en route to Hollywood to meet Perry (Val Kilmer), a private detective he will understudy prior to filming.  Harry coincidentally reunites with his childhood sweetheart while in California: Harmony (Michelle Monaghan).  When her best friend dies however, Perry, Harmony, and Harry all become prime suspects.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a minor commercial success, earning $22 million internationally and recuperating its $15 million production cost.


  • Robert Downey, Jr.
  • Val Kilmer
  • Michelle Monaghan
  • Corbin Bernsen
  • Ali Hillis