• Publication date: September 7, 2009

Joe Dirt

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Joe Dirt is an idiot who works as an oil weller who is on the search for his parents who abandoned him when he was a baby.

  • Publication date: September 7, 2009

Joe Dirt

Program data

Duration: 85

Production Year: 2001

MBC 2:

July 27, 2012 14:05 (KSA) ~ July 27, 2012 13:05 (CLT)

Joe Dirt is a janitor who dreams of finding the parents that he lost at the Grand Canyon when he was eight-years-old.

Now, blasting Van Halen in his jacked-up economy car, the irrepressibly optimistic Joe hits the road alone in search of his folks.

As his wandering, misguided search takes him from one hilarious misadventure to another, Joe finds his way to Los Angeles, where a shock-jock brings Joe on his radio show to insult him.

But as Joe's life story unfolds, jeers turn to cheers, and an entire captivated city tunes in to hear the adventures of Joe Dirt.


  • David Spade
  • Brittany Daniel
  • Adam Beach
  • Christopher Walken
  • Jaime Pressly

Directed by:Dennie Gordon

Rating: PG-13 for crude and sex-related humor, and for language