• Publication date: January 20, 2011


Assistant D.A. Davis Corelli is investigating the murder of a millionaire art dealer, and finds that the victim was collecting dirt on many powerful San Francisco personas, including the governor. By paying women to have sex with guests at his beach house, the art dealer used the images to blackmail these powerful men. Corelli also discovers that his one-time flame is one of the women on the sex tapes, but then someone starts killing all the witnesses...

  • Publication date: January 20, 2011


Program data

Duration: 85

Production Year: 1995

MBC 2:

September 4, 2012 02:35 (KSA) ~ September 4, 2012 01:35 (CLT)

When a millionaire art dealer is found bludgeoned to death with one of his antique hatchets, Assistant D.A. David Corelli (David Caruso) arrives on the scene to uncover images of the governor having sex with a prostitute in the victim's safe. Further investigation reveals that the victim had the rooms in his beach house fitted with cameras and was recording the sexual acts between the powerful men of San Francisco and prostitutes that he paid to snare these men on camera.

He finds that his old love is a prime suspect in the case, psychologist Katrina Gavin (Linda Fiorentino), who ended up marrying criminal defense lawyer and close friend of Corelli, Matt Gavin (Chazz Palminteri). When the prostitute that is in the pictures with the governor calls Corelli to reveal the identity of Jade- the most sought after woman by the rich and powerful, she is run over in front of Corelli's eyes. Who is Jade? And will Corelli live long enough to uncover her truth?


  • David Caruso
  • Linda Fiorentino
  • Chazz Palminteri
  • Richard Crenna
  • Angie Everhart

Directed by:  William Friedkin

Rating:  R for grisly afterviews of murder victims, violence, language and strong scenes of aberrant sexuality.