• Publication date: December 2, 2017

I, Robot

2035 A.D. Earth. A corporation called US Robotics has the franchise of supplying robots as workers and assistants to their human owners. One 'robotophobic' Chicago Police Detective, Del, is investigating a murder which seems to involve a robot called Sonny...

  • Publication date: December 2, 2017

I, Robot

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2004

MBC 2:

December 2, 2017 03:00 (KSA) ~ December 2, 2017 02:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) In the year 2035 robots produced by US Robotics are used as assistants and perform various public services, programmed with the 'Three Laws of Robotics':

First Law: They must never harm a human being or through inaction, allow any harm to come to a human.

Second Law: They must obey the orders given to them by human beings, except where such orders violate the First Law.

Third Law: They must protect their own existence unless this violates the First or Second Laws.

Such, when the murder of co-founder of US Robotics, Dr. Alfred Lanning (James Cromwell) seems to have been committed at the hands of a robot, Detective Del Spooner (Will Smith)who has a clear distaste for robots, is at odds when it seems that the robot named Sonny may be his only chance in cracking the case and saving humans from being dominated by robots...


  • Will Smith
  • Bridget Moynahan
  • Bruce Greenwood
  • James Cromwell
  • Chi McBride
  • Alan Tudyk

Directed by:  Alex Proyas

Rating:  PG-13 for intense stylized action, and some brief partial nudity.