• Publication date: September 21, 2012

Human Timebomb

Jim Parker, the FBI's most lethal weapon is turned against his own when a Cuban general abducts him and plants a microchip in his brain, that will turn him into the deadliest weapon fighting against the US...

Program data

Duration: 100

Production Year: 1995

MBC 2:

September 25, 2012 06:05 (KSA) ~ September 25, 2012 05:05 (CLT)

Jim Parker (Paul Brandt) is the best special agent the FBI has to boast. Yet when a Cuban general abducts Parker and plants a chip in his body that dictates his every move, Parker becomes the deadliest weapon that has terrorized the USA.

Now Parker has become a human time bomb and the most efficient weapon of war the world has known, with his sharpshooter skills and martial arts expertise, he has turned from his country's greatest asset to their worst fear.


  • Shelley Andrews
  • Paul Brandt
  • J. Cynthia Brooks
  • Gerrie Buader
  • Chris Buchanan

Directed by:  Mark Roper

Rating:  R for non-stop strong violence and some language.