• Publication date: May 24, 2014

House Broken

A retiring father, has had it with his two slackers sons, both in their thirties, still living at home; so now his is turning to plan “B”

  • Publication date: May 24, 2014

House Broken

Program data

Duration: 90

Production Year: 2009

MBC 2:

December 28, 2016 17:30 (KSA) ~ December 28, 2016 16:30 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Kids are the joy of any house; they bring so much joy and positive energy, right? Well to a certain degree, but when they get to their thirties, and still reside home, something isn’t working. At this stage they become an abnormality and a serious nuisance. That exactly how Mr CathKart (Danny DeVito), thinks of his two unemployed Slackers sons. Both in their thirties, and both mama’s boys. Now that Mr. CathKart is retiring, he wants peace. He wants to enjoy, the remaining of his days, alone. When the subtle hints and polite nudges don’t get him to a satisfactory solution, plan B, comes in handy. So he decides to leave the boys alone, with no food, money and electricity; while he and the mother goes on a camping trip. But instead of work, the boys, opt for an easier way to earn money: Boarders! Not that stupid after all. But this can’t be the solution.

A hilarious family comedy, with the unrivaled talents of Danny Devito, many hilarious situations and well written witty dialogues… Do not Miss!



  • Danny DeVito as Cathkart
  • Katey Sagal as Mom (as Mrs. C)
  • Skyler Stone as Quinn
  • Caitlin Crosby as Sarah
  • Ryan Hansen as Elliot Cathkart
  • Brie Larson as Suzy Decker
  • Matthew Glave as Hector
  • Thomas F. Wilson as Henry Decker
  • Tony Yalda as Gilroy
  • Adam Herschman as Shirtless Boy


Directed by: Sam Harper

Rating: R