• Publication date: May 6, 2018

Hot Fuzz

A big city cop joins a small town colleague to bust a murder ring.

  • Publication date: May 6, 2018

Hot Fuzz

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2007

MBC Max:

May 6, 2018 22:00 (KSA) ~ May 6, 2018 21:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Nicholas Angel (Simon Pegg) is London's fiercest police officer whose record number of arrests puts his colleagues' numbers to shame.  Unfortunately his success is damaging other officers' morale, so Angel is reassigned to a rural town named Sandford.  There, he no longer chases after murderers and thieves, but merely random drunks.

Angel's partner is Danny Butterman (Nick Frost), an action movie buff who drools over films such as Bad Boys II and Point Break.  He is enthralled to welcome Nicholas, who he believes will bring big city action to Sandford.  Danny's dream seems unlikely, at least until they discover a cache of illegal weapons.

Hot Fuzz earned $80 million internationally -- eight times its $10 million budget.


  • Simon Pegg
  • Nick Frost
  • Jim Broadbent

Directed by: Edgar Wright