• Publication date: September 28, 2009


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A tormented police chief's family is kidnapped.

  • Publication date: September 28, 2009


Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2005

MBC 2:

March 6, 2012 23:00 (KSA) ~ March 6, 2012 22:00 (CLT)

Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) was once a SWAT officer in Los Angeles, until a botched operation resulted in an entire family's death.  Memories of the incident continued to haunt him, and Talley eventually left the SWAT team to become a police chief in a quiet suburb. 

A year later on his new turf a similar hostage situation occurs.  This time a wealthy accountant named Walter Smith is the target, and due to lingering regret, Jeff transfers responsibility for the incident to the county sheriff.  The kidnappers refuse to let him walk away so easily, though.


  • Bruce Willis
  • Kevin Pollak
  • Ben Foster
  • Jonathan Tucker