• Publication date: January 5, 2010

Honey Honey

Honey Daniels is an independent and strong-minded Latina from East Harlem. No ...

Honey Daniels is an independent and strong-minded Latina from East Harlem. No one questions her ability as a dancer; it has been her lifelong dream. However, she faces opposition from her more traditional parents who believe there is no future in urban, Hip-Hop-influenced dancing, and wish that she would pursue classical ballet instead. Of course, this is of no interest to Honey whose passion for dance is in the streets, not in the theater. Stuck in poverty, the young dancer works at a record store during the day and is a bartender at a sleazy club by night. Not only does Honey need to make ends meet, but she also must attend to her selfless passion as a volunteer dance instructor at an ailing community center. Disaster strikes when city inspectors discover numerous safety hazards at the center and forcefully shut its doors. Still, she is unwilling to give up her dream. Honey’s misfortunes only increase her drive and emphasize the necessity of success. In her treks throughout the city she discovers Benny an amazing breakdancer who is accompanied by a group of similarly talented friends. With some coaxing Honey convinces the kids to attend her classes, giving them the professional touch they need for success. Her efforts pay off when producer Michael Ellis witnesses the young lady in action. He promptly casts her in an upcoming music video and soon afterwards she becomes a hot Hip-Hop commodity. Ellis lavishes his newfound talent with expensive gifts and selects her to direct an upcoming music video. His gifts and assistance, however, are not without a price. Ellis subtly stipulates that his continued help must be rewarded with Honey’s love; when she refuses the producer becomes irate and blacklists her in the music video community. Left with no income, her dream of purchasing an abandoned church for a new dance studio is broken. Rather than bow down to circumstance, Honey teams up with her street dancers for an ingenious rescue strategy. This movie is rated PG-13 due to some drug and sexual references.