• Publication date: January 25, 2010

Heroes Heroes

Heroes’ chronicles the fictional journey of Sameer (Sohail Khan) and Ali (Vatsal Sheth), ...

Heroes’ chronicles the fictional journey of Sameer (Sohail Khan) and Ali (Vatsal Sheth), two aspiring film students ready to complete their graduation project. Both are pacifists and believe that joining the armed forces is wrong, a conviction that inspires their film. Ali and Sameer are instructed to hand deliver three separate letters to families who have lost sons in the armed forces. This leads them on a motorcycle expedition across India. While the families’ stories are an important part of their project, the journey itself is of interest too. Reminiscent of the 1969 American classic, “Easy Rider” the pair learn more about themselves during the trip and return home with a new outlook on life. Their perception of war also changes. As they interview the deceased soldiers’ families common themes and emotions develop. None of the parents they speak to are angry at their children’s decision to fight, nor are they particularly sad about their passing. On the contrary, each family, and in some cases even their entire village, are proud of the fallen soldiers and consider them great heroes. Both students begin to realize the necessity of the military. Their project transforms from one discouraging young men to join the armed forces, and instead documents their bravery. Sameer and Ali eventually realize that without the presence of individuals willing to die for their country, and quite possibly their freedom, nations would not be able to exist. “Heroes” is rated R for harsh language.