• Publication date: January 26, 2010

Her Minor Thing Her Minor Thing

Jeana Summers is an attractive, 20-something lady on a continuous search for Mr. ...

Jeana Summers is an attractive, 20-something lady on a continuous search for Mr. Right and her latest candidate is television personality Tom Lindeman, who seems like he might be the perfect match but there is just ‘one minor thing’—Jeana is a virgin and does not plan to lose it anytime soon. Despite what at first seems like a promising relationship, Tom soon becomes frustrated with his new girlfriend. Each date ends with a kiss – and just that, prompting the sexually frustrated newsman to seek sympathy from his coworkers. Unfortunately he mistakenly airs his grievances on live television, instantly ruining his relationship with Jeana in spite of numerous attempts at reconciliation. Yet Tom is just one man in a long line of dumped boyfriends, and losing him is certainly not a tragic experience for Jeana. More problematic are the millions of viewers who overheard Tom’s comment, and their relentless quest for her virginity. One man after the next, on each street, in every place of business attempts to hit on Jeana, hoping to be her first – and subsequently her best, since there are no others for comparison. Amidst all of this chaos however she does manage to find a man who, at least outwardly, seems different than the others. Like Tom, Paul works in television, though behind the camera as its operator. What Jeana is unaware of, however, is that Paul is actually Tom’s buddy, who pretends to have no knowledge of her so-called minor thing. Is he just like the others after all? The film features appearances by notable comedians, including former “Saturday Night Live” (1975-present) cast member Victoria Jackson, Flex Alexander, and Kathy Griffin. This movie is rated PG-13 due to sexual content.