• Publication date: October 18, 2009

Help! I'm a Fish Help! I'm a Fish

Brother and sister Fly (Jeff Pace) and Stella (Michelle Westerson) eagerly await their ...

Brother and sister Fly (Jeff Pace) and Stella (Michelle Westerson) eagerly await their babysitter, Aunt Anna (Pauline Newstone) and their cousin Chuck (Aaron Paul). Once Aunt Anna predictably nods off in the warm summer heat, the children plan to visit the nearby sea for some unsupervised fishing. Upon arrival they meet Professor MacKrill (Monty Python's Terry Jones), a marine biologist and global warming researcher. Convinced that the polar ice caps will inevitably melt and flood the earth, MacKrill has devised a potion to transform humans into fish; he has also crafted an antidote, designed for consumption once water levels lower. MacKrill's concoction resembles a tall cool glass of lemonade, not a species changing chemical. Its pleasant appearance and flavorful taste are assets for an apprehensive consumer during apocalypse, though dangerous for a thirsty individual living in the present. Stella is no exception, and gulps the mixture down while her brother and cousin are preoccupied by the professor's musings. In the blink of an eye Stella mutates into a starfish. Unaware of what just occurred, Fly lifts his sister from the floor and tosses her into the ocean. When Stella cannot be found Chuck, Fly, and MacKrill review the lab's security video in astonishment. Unless Stella receives the antidote within 48 hours her transformation will be permanent. The trio begins a futile search for Stella aboard the professor's houseboat. Frustrated and guilty, Fly eventually consumes the mixture himself. Now a California flyingfish, he has entered the deep sea kingdom to rescue his sister, eventually crossing swords with Joe (Alan Rickman), a hyper intelligent pilot fish. Meanwhile aboveground the kids' parents join Professor MacKrill in the frantic search. Rating: G