• Publication date: May 17, 2012


A mother searches for her son's killer as he terrorizes a small town.

Alice (Lyndie Uphill) witnessed her child's slaying many years ago, but still has not come to grips with his death.  The killer would continue to target children, and eyewitness descriptions of the suspect are identical.  Alice dedicates her life to identifying the man, testing the limits of her sanity while doing so.


She eventually locates the man, whose name is Sam (Darren Day) and places a gun to his head.  As Alice holds Sam at gunpoint the killer claims another victim however, proving that she has been searching for the wrong individual.  The real murderer is still on the loose, and Sam and Alice are now determined to find him. 




  • Lyndie Uphill
  • Dominique Pinon
  • Darren Day