• Publication date: August 16, 2010

Grilled Grilled

Maurice and Dave are two struggling door-to-door meat salesmen. Their boss is ...

Maurice and Dave are two struggling door-to-door meat salesmen. Their boss is giving them an ultimatum: increase their sales or hit the unemployment line. As a gesture of kindness, the boss hands them the contact information for two potential clients. Unfortunately the paper containing one individual’s contact information flies out the window, lowering their chances of success significantly. A woman named Loridonna is their last hope, and they prepare to deliver her an undeniable sales pitch. In what appears to be their moment of triumph, Maurice and Dave begin successfully persuading the lady to buy their product; this seems particularly easy since she is heavily infatuated with Maurice, engaging him in a flurry of meat-related sexual innuendo. The sale is interrupted abruptly by a phone call from Loridonna’s best friend, Suzzane, a drunken lady threatening to commit suicide. Rather than distract their host from purchasing meat, Dave attempts to calm Suzzane instead. Dave’s efforts are not successful however, raising Loridonna’s concern. Eventually she insists on visiting Suzzane, and hopefully saving her life in the process. With their jobs on the line the boys are unwilling to lose this sale, and offer to take their would-be customer to her friend’s home. Once there it appears that Suzzane’s threat was merely a ploy for attention, and that she is perfectly fine – albeit intoxicated and upset. Dave attempts to comfort her once again, while Maurice goes to the bedroom with Loridonna. In the midst of passion, however, Maurice will learn an astonishing fact about his new fling that sends their romance straight down the tubes. Outside the bedroom Suzzane’s husband, Tony has arrived. When he stumbles upon his wife with Dave he is infuriated, pulls a gun, and threatens to shoot him. Fortunately Dave is able to explain the situation, he reconciles with Tony, and they eventually barbeque together. With Tony dining upon the boys’ delicious meat it appears they are finally out of the red, but when their new patron is murdered it seems like the drama has just begun.