• Publication date: March 31, 2011

Gharam wa Enteqam Gharam wa Enteqam

What Happens When The One You Love Betrays You

Suheir is a celebrity singer ...

What Happens When The One You Love Betrays You Suheir is a celebrity singer who falls in love with a single man called Ezzat. Ezzat is a wealthy young man who has multiple relationships, until he meets Suheir. The singer decides to retire from a life of show business in order to get married to Ezzat and the just before the wedding he is killed by an unknown assailant. Suheir’s cousin, Safwat, who also happens to be the Attorney General launches an investigation and his first suspect is a musician Jamal Hamdi despite insufficient evidence to convict him. Suheir decides to enter a relationship with Jamal and claim to love him in order to find the truth. Suheir and Jamal exchange love and he admits to her that he killed Ezzat only because the former playboy had seduced his naïve sister. Jamal confessed that Ezzat died during a brawl with him and he is arrested but not before he discovers that Suheir tricked him. Suheir, however, admits that she loves Jamal and after he is released from prison the two plan to marry. On the night of their wedding Suheir is killed in a car accident. Interestingly, the fate of Suheir in the end of the film is similar to the fate of the actress Asmahan that played the character. Real life singer Asmahan died before the end of filming the movie in a car accident which resulted in her car sinking in Ras el-Barr. Youssef Wahbi is said to have killed off the character Suheir in a car accident after the real life death of the actress Asmahan.