• Publication date: June 2, 2018

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter travels to Hawaii following a breakup, only to meet his ex at the hotel.

  • Publication date: June 2, 2018

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Program data

Duration: 120

Production Year: 2008

MBC 2:

June 2, 2018 21:00 (KSA) ~ June 2, 2018 20:00 (CLT)

(mbc.net) Musician Peter Bretter (Jason Segel) is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, actress Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell).  But when Sarah abruptly announces that she is sleeping with another man, British rockerAldous Snow (Russell Brand), Peter falls into a pit of despair.

Peter's stepbrother suggests that he embark upon a Hawaiian vacation and start anew.  That decision proves disastrous when Sarah and Aldous coincidentally check in at the same hotel.  Luckily Peter befriends Rachel (Mila Kunis), the establishment's friendly receptionist, who diverts his attention away from his unfaithful ex and her new boy toy. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall was nominated for an MTV Movie Award and five Teen Choice Awards.  The picture earned an impressive $105 million at the box office, easily recuperating its $30 million budget.


  • Jason Segel
  • Kristen Bell
  • Mila Kunis
  • Russell Brand

Directed by: Nicholas Stoller

Rating: Rated R for sexual content, language and some graphic nudity.