• Publication date: December 9, 2009

First Knight First Knight

“First Knight” puts a new cinematic spin on the classic folklore of King ...

“First Knight” puts a new cinematic spin on the classic folklore of King Arthur and Sir Lancelot using the beautiful and appropriate North Wales as a backdrop for its romance and action. Sean Connery’s aged grace as an actor makes him an ideal candidate for Arthur’s role and likewise Richard Gere – once considered one of Hollywood’s sexiest men, is a wise choice for the youthful and charming Lancelot. After fighting to establish and secure Camelot, Arthur vowed to devote the remaining years of his life to peace and also love. His second wish was granted in the form of a charming lady named Guinevere, who would subsequently become the Queen of Camelot. However peace is short lived and interrupted by fellow Knight of the Roundtable Malagant, who believes Camelot’s existence is an obstacle to his expanding kingdom. The conflict between Arthur and Malagant leads to Guinevere’s abduction. Word reaches Arthur of a young fighter with a reputation for victory named Lancelot and he requests his assistance in rescuing the Queen. As legend would have it, Lancelot is successful in his mission and aids her escape from the evil prince. In the process, however, he finds himself falling deeply in love with the royal woman, who is already devoted to another man. Still Lancelot takes the risk and pursues Guinevere. In parallel, the warrior’s skill on the battlefield impresses the King, who soon befriends and trusts the young man – a choice he will later regret. While at first the Queen was repulsed by the orphaned man, she soon would struggle to contain her passion for Lancelot. After weeks of flirting Guinevere finally attempts to end the crush, granting the fighter one last kiss goodbye. Unfortunately that final kiss is witnessed by King Arthur, who immediately seizes both and charges them with treason. But the question remains does Guinevere and Lancelot’s short fling stem from disloyalty to Arthur or were they merely acting on impulses they couldn’t suppress? All three members of this love triangle will ultimately balance desires, loyalty and the good of their people to reach a final decision. “First Knight” earned a reasonable total of $127 million worldwide; with a budget of $75 million it was able to break even and also gain profit. The picture is rated PG-13 for some brutal medieval battles.